Lower Leg Compression Sleeve

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  • Lower Leg Compression Sleeve - CP-CALF-03
Lower Leg Compression Sleeve
Model - CP-CALF-03
Nylon Plain Compression Sports Calf Sleeves
Compression level : 20-25mmHg
Material :  78%NYLON  22%LYCRA
Color:     Customized color is welcome.
Size :     Customized size is welcome
Logo:     Customized logo is welcome.
  • Made with high-quality material and professional compression socks machine from Italy. 
  • All products are extensively tested by USA-CMD-100 to get the graduated compression.

These high-functioning compression calf sleeves help:

Shin Splints Relief
  • Provides much needed support
  • Boosts circulation in the legs
  • Enables faster recovery so that you can get active again
Recover Faster
  • True graduated compression helps improve circulation
  • Better circulation in the legs
  • Reduces aches, pains and refreshes tired, heavy legs fast
Reduce Injury Risk
  • Warm up muscles faster pre-exercise
  • Reduces muscles soreness during & after workouts
  • Greater support reduces chances of micro muscle tears
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